About Me

I trained as a teacher at Walter Carrington’s renowned Constructive Teaching Centre – a 3 year full-time course, from which I qualified in 2007.  I am a certified member (MSTAT) of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Like many people, I was originally drawn to have lessons in the Technique because of pain. I’d had back pain and neck pain since a minor operation on my lower back when I was 17 – I tried a lot of different treatments including painkillers, physiotherapy and massage to ‘cure’ it.

I’ve worked as a singer on the international jazz/cabaret circuit for 15 years. Intensive bouts of touring badly affected my back and voice, and I realised that my career and health were in danger unless I found a way to alleviate it.

After only a few lessons, I was amazed at the difference the Technique made. Not only did my voice and performance improve considerably and my back pain lessen, but I felt a freedom and vitality I hadn’t experienced since childhood.

The Technique is educational in nature, so it was hugely empowering to have found something that I could apply outside of lessons and continue to use to help myself. It was just the beginning of a profound ongoing journey.

This site is a small glimpse of what the Alexander Technique can offer. There’s no better way to experience it than to have lessons. For more information, telephone 07722 047 576 or email me.