What My Pupils Say

“The most worthwhile money that I have ever spent. Kate is an excellent teacher – understanding, patient and very nice!

I came originally to the Alexander Technique as a cynic. I thought it was going to be hippy mumbojumbo, but went along because osteopaths and chiropractors were not helping with back/neck pain. Now have been completely converted. The technique helped me more in a few lessons than any osteopath ever did and its something you can do yourself as opposed to relying on someone else. everyone should be made to do it… it would make the world a better place!

Helps in so many ways, mentally and physically. Gives you more confidence, presence, peace, energy, life. you feel lighter. I cannot recommend it enough. Words do not do it justice.”
Nicholas, law student

“Kate’s approach to teaching the technique was very holistic. Her calm and experienced manner allowed me to truly benefit from the Alexander Technique on all levels. I became much more aware of my body and posture, as well as my approach to movement in general which extended to adopting a more focused attitude to everyday life. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.”
Deena, GP

“Kate was brilliant in helping me (and my body) in the run up to giving birth. Having suffered with minor back aches and pains I thought it would be a good idea to do some Alexander technique to keep everything in order. I really enjoyed my lessons, they definitely helped me and Kate was a great person to chat to about everything to do with giving birth. I would imagine that she would be a great doula too, as she is very caring and sensitive.”
Emmie, Media consultant and mother

“Having lessons in the Alexander technique has really broadened my horizons and opened up interesting new ways of looking at life. I have found it to be an effective relaxation technique. As my teacher, you have been very patient and encouraging. I have found that you are very good at explaining the concepts of the technique in interesting and inspiring ways.”
Josie, student