Alexander Technique YouTube videos

Until recently, most Alexander Technique archive clips have been locked away, gathering dust. In January 2008, STAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) launched their own YouTube channel, posting 29 videos which have so far had over 16,000 views between them.

STAT’s channel is at:

Their most popular video is this short clip of FM teaching:

The video description of this clip, gives details of where to order the longer DVD (via Mouritz).
Hopefully this experiment will have sold more DVDs and so will eventually prompt further releases – though STAT haven’t added any new archive videos to their channel since its release.


BMJ Video:
The 2008 report by the BMJ, which proved the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique in reducing back pain, was accompanied by a video which was shared online on


Some other YouTube channels and videos worth checking out:
…both these channels have a lot of videos of Marjorie Barstow
…which has a variety of videos of lessons and workshops, including a video of a 1999 workshop with Walter Carrington:
…including a good video introduction to the Technique
… a video in the Google Tech Talks Personal Growth series, with Google’s own Alexander Teacher (!) John Baron giving an introduction
…including a video showing a first lesson
…sort (2 min) video giving brief impressions of what to expect from a first lesson
Star Wars and The Alexander Technique. “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Please let me know of any other channels or videos that you think I should add to this list. I’ll post any interesting new videos I come across on my Blog.