AT in Pregnancy and childbirth

I am a registered member of Doula UK and am passionate about the role that women can play in accompanying other women in their journey through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

I had both my children at home in water with no intervention. In 2009, I completed my training for Alexander teachers working in ante-natal education and as doulas. The course, called “Eutokia” (which means “happy childbirth”) is recognised by Doula UK and was invented by AT teacher and author Ilana Machover, a childbirth educator and doula. I have also completed the Paramana doula workshop run by childbirth specialist Dr. Michel Odent and respected doula Liliana Lammers.


Working with women from about 20 weeks into their pregnancy, the “Eutokia” approach includes hands on work with the pregnant woman to help address the changes that occur during pregnancy as well as specific movements to help in preparation for and during labour as well as the post-partum period. As well as this, there is practical information about the physiology of childbirth from the perspective of Dr Michel Odent and information about breastfeeding, childbirth options, routine procedures during pregnancy and childbirth, birth plan etc.

Whilst I am not currently taking on any professional work as a birth doula, I love working with women in pregnancy and beyond. With so many changes going on, it is a fantastic time to start learning the Alexander Technique as well as great preparation for childbirth.